Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Mommy World

So yesterday was Monday-six weeks ago I would be dreading Mondays as it meant a long stretch of work days were ahead. However, everyday is the same now and I don't wake up dreading a single minute! I can truly say that I am enjoying life as a mom and its hard to imagine my life before. In fact, I am really starting to struggle with the idea of going back to work, even though I promised that I wouldn't! I love being a nurse and I have a good job, but being a mom is probably the best job out there (besides the crappy hours and bad pay!)
   To kick-off the week, I met up with a friend who has two adorable little boys, ages 2 and 4 months. We had been wanting to walk together and decided the mall was our best shot as the weather was not going to be on our side at all this week. We walked, got coffee, and watched her son play in the mall play area. It was an absolute blast and totally re-engerized me! Although I love sitting with my baby and rocking her to sleep throughout the day, seeing my friend with her two little boys and talking about managing a household, reminded me there was work to be done! Once I do go back to work, I will be only working part-time, so I need to work on my time management skills and figure out how to get the household work done, be a mom, and keep up my work schedule.
  With this new found energy, I decided to make cookies for my husband. But that meant I had to open the "baking" cabinet. About a year ago, I took over one of our cabinets and declared it mine. I filled it up with everything I use for cooking and baking, but I have gotten a little carried away with shopping, mostly because I forget what I already have on hand. I'm embarrassed to even show you this picture, but I'm hoping it will help motivate me to not let it get this bad in the future. So here is goes....the baking cabinet BEFORE....

So I started by clearing everything out and was able to throw a few items. I had to stop and laugh though too as I realized that I really need to work on making a shopping list before I leave home and make sure I really need an item before I go out and get it. I found FIVE sticks of Crisco in that cabinet. Five?!?! I think I'm set for a lifetime.

After I got everything cleaned out, I started organizing and labeling. I also cleaned out our tupperware drawer and pulled out a few of the larger containers that are always causing problems and getting in the way. I used these to hold of the smaller baking items like sprinkles and food coloring, so it was a "win-win"!

Now I am proud to show you the after shot!!!

So there you have it. I am going to start going out for coffee more often if it means I come home and get this much accomplished during Harper's nap!
Have a great week!

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