Monday, September 26, 2011

Fall is in the air!

I have tried blogging once before and had to start over due to some "technical" difficulties. So here I am, at it again! 

As much as I love summer weather, my favorite time of the year is Fall, mostly because it means my favorite holiday is around the corner (Christmas!!!). After I had put out our usual fall decorations around the house, I got the itch for something new. I'm budget conscious so I started digging around my house to see what I could find.
A friend of ours was cleaning out his garage and had this old chair that he was going to throw away. I cleaned it up with hopes of making something for the walkway up to our front door.

I went to Ace Hardware and found their paint on sale for $2.00 a can! So I stocked up on these three colors. The can on the far left is my FAVORITE paint color right now-Antique White. It brightens up any room when used on a small piece of accent furniture or other home decor.

My mom lives on an old greenhouse that was run by her dad and grandfather, there are clay pots all over the place! I found this pot and cleaned it up. It had some old paint splashed on it that I wasn't able to get off, but the spray paint covered it pretty well!

And this is the finished project! My mother-in-law bought the mum plant from her youth group at church and brought it over when she heard I was decorating for fall.
 All in all the project cost me less than $10 and was done in an afternoon!!!