Monday, April 30, 2012

Thrifty Finds!!!

Last week I stopped by our local Goodwill on Thursday (Thursdays are 50% off all infant and toddler toys and clothing). I was thrilled with my findings for our little girl-it was a good trip! (sorry about the reciept being upside down, I couldn't figure out for the LIFE of me how to make it right!!!)
Four items in great condition! The pumpkin on the butt is my favorite though :-)

Grand total: $5.45-thank you ma'am!

In other news...I am now 36 weeks pregnant! Starting next week, my baby will be considered term so she can offically come any day. We are still putting the finishing touches on the nursery, but are feeling fortunate for how great this pregnancy has gone and we are anxious to meeet this baby girl :-)

Thursday, April 26, 2012

April Showers...bring a May baby?

Last weekend my husband and I were blessed to truly be "showered" by good-wishes and gifts from family and friends. It started on Friday with my amazing co-workers over our noon hour. Our work has had a lot going on with people getting married, having babies, retiring, graduating, etc-yet they found time and energy to put on a great shower for myself and baby Harper. They even went with our owl theme and served pink owl cupcakes!!
Saturday morning, I woke up early and intended on heading to my mom's house to help her prepare for a birthday gathering for my cousins. My husband however was doing an excellent job of distracting me by making my favorite breakfast, scrambled eggs! Then my mother called and gave me the task of picking up a last minute cake, so I didn't make it until almost 11am, a hour later than I intended.  I was kind of stressed and mad that I was late, but my mood quickly changed when I walked into a surprise shower from my family! Again, they ran with the owl theme..

We spent a fun afternoon playing shower games that my aunts and Grandma had worked on coordinating. I am not usually a fan of games, however these were a blast! Espeically when my teenage boy cousins got involved in them!

Sunday came and I had one more April shower! My friends Lindsie and Amy had coordinated an amazing shower totally through email and having never met each other! We gathered for desserts and more owls!
It was a great afternoon with friends! Harper got lots of books so she has a more complete library. I came home and tried reading some of the books, but found myself sitting on the floor of Harper's nursery crying :-) I love children's books!

I can't thank all my friends and family enough for helping us celebrate our little girl. We can't wait for everyone to meet her soon! Stay tuned for nursery pictures and some thrift store finds :-)

Thursday, April 5, 2012

From Old to New...

So today I am 32 weeks pregnant!  The excitment of the new baby is really kicking in for me as we finish preparations for her. I can't say that nesting as completely kicked in, but I do find myself engrossed in little projects around the house and trying to stay on top of things at work, so I think that is my way of "nesting."
    One of my new found "loves" is thrift stores and garage sales. I have an aunt who has been going to thrift stores and sales for years but I never really got into it myself. This winter though I found myself at Saver's one day looking for some baskets to use for a fundraiser. About a hour later I was walking out with all sorts of fun finds! I now have hit all the major thrift stores in Rochester and even know their sale schedule so I have specific days I go to certain stores. I am also hoping to take full advantage of garage sales this summer, espeically since I will be on maternity leave!
   Recently, I was in Saver's and happened upon a baker's stand in the furniture section. They had a $12.99 price on it, but I had a 25% off coupon, so I decided to take this darling little peice home for the hefty price of $9.98....
Now, once I got it home and unloaded into the garage, I wasn't entirely sure what to do with it. I hated the white color so that needed to be changed and I wasn't so sure about the grapes at the top. So  left it for a week until I was walking through Hobby Lobby and they had a sale on spray paint for $2.50/bottle. I found some chocolate brown spray pain, found matching stain, and went home in a hurry!!!
   Once I got home however, I realized that I was not suppose to be around paint or stain during pregnancy. So I preped the baker's stand and gave very specific directions to my darling husband...
I will spare you the details, but it did take twice as much spray paint as I had anticipated and the stain was kind of a disaster. However, the entire project cost me less than $35 and I am pretty happy with the end result:
I'm still looking for little items to add to the shelves, so I'm hoping my next thrift store/garage sale adventure turns up some more fun finds!